The Next Adventure: To Saying "Yes"

To make an end is to make a beginning.
— T.S. Eliot

Say “yes.” That is the single best piece of advice I have ever received. Say "yes" to adventures, to friends, to new experiences and new opportunities, to putting it all out there. You can always change your mind, you may decide that the choice wasn’t for you, and you may not succeed, but you may never get the opportunity again. So, say “yes.”

In the last several months, I’ve contemplated change. I’ve always felt that change is neither good nor bad -- it just is -- but that it’s inevitable in reaching personal and professional aspirations, to living life fully.  

12 years ago, I made a change. I moved from my small hometown in Montana to Portland, OR. My time in Portland has been amazing. I’ve had the invaluable opportunity to live close to family, to explore the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest mountains, and to be part of a running family that I will never be able to replace. I have learned and I have grown because of my time here, and all of these things came at a time when I needed them most. But change is inevitable, and it’s time for me to make another one, so when I was given the opportunity to relocate to Denver, CO this spring, I said “yes.” The move for me is bittersweet, but I’m incredibly excited to make the journey and embrace all that Colorado has to offer. Life is to be lived, and if we’re willing to step outside our comfort zones, we can chase it down instead of watching it pass us by. So I choose to say “yes” to this adventure, to this experience, to this opportunity, to putting it all out there. I choose to say “yes” to chasing down life and living every moment of it to the greatest extent possible. Because life to too damn short to not spend it living.